Earrings - Chandelier on hooks but can be made on posts or clip-ons
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Mary Beth Chandeliers
3 & 4mm crystals,
silver. measures 1.25"
Silver/GF #1140ES24/51

Swag Chandelier
crystal AB, silver. 2"
Silver/GF #1187ES24/51

Triangle Chandelier
3mm crystals, gold-filled. 1.75"
Silver/GF #1199EGF24/53

Paisley Short Drop Earrings
honey tourmaline & citrine, 14 k gold. 1.5"
Style #1097SEK79/5

Melis's 2" Earrings
crystals, pearls, silver.
Silver/GF #1281ES23/2,51

Lucy's Flower 2.5" Earrings
crystals, pearls, silver.
Silver/GF #1292ES23/2,51

Crystal AB Chain Pie 3"
crystals, silver.
Silver/GF #1274ES45/3

Crystal Jet Chain Pie 3"
crystals, silver.
Silver/GF #1274ES45/76

Ultra Long Chandelier
swarovski® crystals, goldfilled.
measures 4"
Silver/GF #1150EGF68/3ab

Materials Available:
- Fresh Water Pearls: White, Cream, Salmon, and many other colors.
- Crystals: [See Color Chart].
- Gems: Many Colors.
- Metals: 14k gold (Yellow / White / Rose), Sterling Silver and or, 14k Gold-filled Wire.

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